I can make gravity.

Download video of WORKING ANTI Gravity at this link to my photos account at google.

I Figured out what gravity actually is. 

I deserve a Nobel prize for this.

Molten Iron is not magnetic, therefore the center of the earth is not molten.
Humans have never been 8000 miles into the earth, they have been guessing incorrectly.  

The sun is not a fireplace, it’s a lightbulb. The sun is a plasma, the universe is electric, spiral galaxies spin because of the right hand rule of current, all electricity has a spin to it. 

Michael Faraday  electrical induction 1867, an iron material in the presence of a moving magnetic field induces electricity.

As the Earth spins or round the Sun the iron core induces electricity of high-voltage and transforms the center of the Earth which is (solid iron) into an electromagnet, we call that gravity.   The aurora borealis is evidence of high voltage 15,000 volts because it’s a plasma.  Plasma is a light on a gas that emits photons, such as neon light.  UFO’s blink because they are pulsing high voltage 15,000 volts to stabilize the craft in mid air. UFO’s glow because of high voltage 15,000 volts. 

That is gravity’s origin.


Wayne Lambirght

August 2023